Keenan Naughton Fernandez was born on June 21, 1989 in Albany, New York – the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. She grew up in a wonderful neighborhood, surrounded by the best of childhood friends. During these early years, she developed a love for science and the great outdoors, played the piano and became a strong swimmer and snowboarder. At the age of 12 she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she made wonderful new friends, developed a love of creative writing, played water polo, and became a Nationally Ranked squash player.  Keenan was an excellent athlete, and her adventuresome spirit and love of the outdoors led her to pursue many sports including hiking, rock climbing, and scuba diving. During 2007-2008 she attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where again, she made wonderful new friendships. She loved Colorado, its mountains, and especially its sunsets. One of her favorite sayings was “If I’m lucky enough to be in the mountains, I’m lucky enough.”  During her freshman year, she climbed the Rockies in Colorado, the Andes in Peru, and completed her first year with a strong average as an Integrative Physiology Major. In May of 2008 she decided to take a “Gap Year” with destinations in India, Nepal and Africa. During her time in India, she hiked in the Himalayas for 35 days  reaching a summit above 15,000 feet. She then lived with a Tibetan family while she interned at a medical clinic studying Tibetan medicine. Her studies also included the Tibetan and Nepali languages, religion, yoga and meditation. The remainder of her journey was to encompass teaching indigent children in India and working on animal conservation in Africa. Most important, Keenan was a loving person who cherished  family, was nonjudgemental and accepting of all people.  Children, most of all, held a  special place in her heart. She was a true friend to all those around her, whether you needed a warrior or just a shoulder. Her huge smile and  infectious love of life were the reflection of her determination to live life rightly with unbridled enthusiasm. In her final moment, she gave her life trying to save a drowning friend. The world would have been a better place if she could have stayed with us a little while longer…..