September 18, 2019

A Single Well and Cleaning Rain

We are thrilled that the two water filtration systems provided by Keenan’s Kids for the Kagomagate community are now installed and functioning. We are grateful to Karen Flewelling who steered us to this innovative solution to help purify the local water supply.

Earlier, rain retention tanks had been installed to collect rain water to relieve the pressure on the single community well. Still, due to pollution in the air, rain water had to be boiled. Now, a simple filtering system allows the rain water to be processed through the filtration tanks and becomes safer for drinking.

As a result, we are already hearing that the children’s intestinal and skin maladies are declining. This is wonderful news for a community that has lived with the burden of having very little water to begin with, and then needing to use up valuable firewood to boil it. Keenan’s Kids will continue to provide Kagomagate with water filtration support. It all starts with clean water!