April 12, 2015

Families of Nicaragua

Keenan’s Kids built and supports the Comedor (feeding center) in the rural village of Chonco, Nicaragua. The Comedor has now been in operation for three years, and provides breakfast and lunch to approximately 225 children throughout the school year. The food and nutrition is provided as an incentive to the families in Chonco to allow their children to attend school, rather than remain at home to assist with domestic chores and economic support. Keenan’s Kids partners with Amigos for Christ, an Atlanta, GA based NGO, with an organizational operating presence in Chinandega, Nicaragua. Amigos is the group that built Chonco’s local school (grades kindergarten through 6th) and provides daily operating support for this Keenan’s Kids initiative.

During April 2015, Frank and Rodney Fernandez traveled to Nicaragua to spend time with the families in the community of Chonco. We learned that  the benefit of formal education was being realized and recognized within the families. In the beginning, it was a challenge to persuade families to let their children attend school. But today, from health and hygiene, a significant challenge, to basic reading and math, the families of Chonco are seeing the improvement in their children. “Feeding our children has made this all possible” they told us.