September 30, 2018

Protests & Civil Unrest

During April 2018, Nicaraguans began to protest the Government’s severe cutback in social security wages. Initially, it started with the elderly, but then active working families and students joined the protests. The Government’s response has been very harsh, and many protesters have been injured, and some killed.

While the day-to-day operations of Amigos and Keenan’s Kids in Chinendaga and the surrounding rural areas have gone mostly unchanged, Amigos active recruitment of missionaries has halted. Managua, the Capital of Nicaragua, hosts the airport providing access to the Amigos and Keenan’s Kids operations. Because Managua is the country’s capital, it has become the major focus of protests, and thus poses potential danger to travelers at the current time.

Due to unsafe conditions, Keenan’s Kids has temporarily suspended its operations in Nicaragua. We remain hopeful that the Government and the people of Nicaragua will be able to resolve their differences peacefully.

Keenan was always a missionary of Peace.