July 31, 2013

The Children of Chonco Leave their Images for Posterity

These are the children of Chonco. And today, their teachers are Sabrina Bland and Maureen Fernandez. Maureen has photographed the children and provided each of them with a print of themselves. Most have never had a photograph of themselves, and their eyes widen in amazement at how the camera has captured them exactly as they are.

But today is even more exciting because they will each paint a self portrait of on a 6”x 6” tile which will be cemented into the wall of the Comedor. They will be recorded in their community’s history for all time. And they laugh and giggle as they think about who they will see when they return as adults in the years that lay ahead.

They are excited, enthusiastic and completely unafraid. With brushes in hand they paint themselves for their community to see. Sabrina and Maureen lend a hand, but this group is anxious to see what their talent can do, speeding along with hearts beating a mile a minute.

 Then, there is a pause, a breath, and ……………….. Oh my God, its me!!