September 30, 2011

Mission Trip to Nicaragua

During June and July 2010, Keenan’s mom, Maureen, and Keenan’s cousin, Andrea Corpora, made a Mission Trip to Nicaragua on behalf of Keenan’s Kids. They joined the group, Amigos for Christ, which has been doing mission work here since 2000.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the Amigos organization has promoted rural development by  focusing on water and sanitation, health care, education, nutrition and basic shelter. Their goal is to create a self-sustaining community for desperately poor villagers throughout the Chinandega area. Keenan’s Kids is supporting a feeding and nutrition center connected with the newly built school in Chonco. Frank, Keenan’s father, will travel to Nicaragua in January 2011 to oversee the development of the feeding center.

During the week that Maureen and Andrea spent in Chinandega, they helped to dig ditches for the PVC pipes that will carry water to certain villages, poured concrete foundations for new housing and spent time reading and playing games with the village children.

Keenan loved all children, and always gravitated to help those who were  the worst off — the ones that couldn’t help themselves. Maureen and Andrea found some of these children in Chinandega, and have made a personal difference in their lives and the communities they live in.